Unbxd is Hiring!

Do you feel burdened by the big-company processes that disable you rather than enable you? Do you live by code as well as the Code of Turmoil? Do you feel that the rules of HR don’t apply to you? Do you want to be the CEO of our own job? If you answered yes, then we want to talk to you, because at Unbxd, we play harder.

We expect that people who join Unbxd:
– Are open minded towards problems, solutions and towards each other.
– Have extreme attention to detail.
– Are committed to delivering high quality software and infrastructure.
– Have the ability to work independently without close supervision and yet be a team player.

You’ll be working with a small close-knit team that has experienced working at successful start-ups. Members have had leadership roles in building enterprise-class products from scratch. It is a team with diverse backgrounds, interests and engineering experiences ranging from application engineers, UI guys to kernel and file-systems hackers.

We’re interested in recruiting for the following roles.

Frontend Engineer
As a Frontend engineer at Unbxd, you’ll be developing effective user-interfaces for Unbxd Search and Analytics cloud. This will involve working with technology and business leadership to define the user experiences for our customers and then leading the development of the interfaces.

We’re looking for people who have:

  • Passion and talent for building enriching user experiences.
  • Experience in JavaScript, DOM Scripting, CSS and HTML5.
  • Deep debugging skills on all major browsers.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining enterprise quality codebases.
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, object oriented programming and RESTful APIs.
  • Experience in building fast, scalable, complex web applications using libraries.
  • Experience with javascript frameworks like jquery, EXTJS (or YUI, GWT etc.)
  • Knowledge of using and developing on Linux.

Web Application Engineer
As a Web Application Engineer, you will build the Unbxd Search and Analytics Cloud from ground-up. It will involve working with technology and business leadership to define, develop and deliver the cloud applications infrastructure which will power the Unbxd Search Cloud.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Understand the best of two worlds, web applications development and systems thinking in order to build complex, scalable server products.
  • Understand the multiple layers, components and algorithms that need to go into building a scalable cloud from the ground up.
  • Write well architectured clean object oriented code.
  • Have extensive Java and J2EE development experience, on complex multi-tier web-based business applications.
  • Have knowledge and experience of working on Hibernate, Struts, Ant, SQL, Web services, SSO and client side programming.
  • Have experience in working with libraries like zookeeper to maintain configuration information and provide distributed synchronization and group services.
  • Have experience of developing and deploying applications on public and private clouds.
  • Have knowledge of using and developing on Linux.

Lucene/Search Engineer

As a Search Engineer, you’ll be responsible for advanced development of Unbxd’s lucene-based search stack. It will involve developing, fine-tuning algorithms and prototyping techniques that will improve the quality and performance of Unbxd Search Cloud.

We’re looking for individuals who:

  • Possess strong interest in working on high performance and large scale problems involving structured and unstructured content.
  • Understand development, debugging and performance testing in highly concurrent systems. This expertise must be based on Core Java.
  • Have strong algorithm design and analysis skills, in general, as well as in the area of text mining and natural language processing.
  • Have knowledge of information retrieval using Lucene or similar technologies.
  • Have knowledge of using and developing on Linux.

DevOps Engineer
As a DevOps engineer, you’ll be responsible for deploying , orchestrating and maintaining the Unbxd Search Cloud. You’ll also be responsible for providing support to customers and help in translating the customer requirements into cloud deployments.

We’re looking for individuals who:

  • Understand Lucene and are able to configure Lucene search.
  • Are capable of deploying web applications.
  • Have basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML,CSS, javascript frameworks like jquery.
  • Have knowledge of Java, J2EE , Object Oriented Programming.
  • Have basic understanding of Lucene/Solr or similar technologies.
  • Understand database concepts and databases like MS SQL server, MySQL etc.
  • Have advanced skills in deploying and administering Linux based systems on private and public clouds.

If any of these roles interest you, please email Prashant at:

prashant AT unbxd DOT com

By shehjartikoo

2 comments on “Unbxd is Hiring!

  1. A loser company making a HR pitch like it’s the next apple or google! LOL! Do you have any idea how many other (real) companies are out there with part time coders who know more shit than you? (Real =has a client and is doing business) lets see how long you last. My guess, your pockets ain’t much deep either. Bunch of losers.

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